Increasing corporate value

Profitable growth and sustainability

„Whether you think you can or you can’t, you will definitively be right.“

Henry Ford, US-American inventor and automotive pioneer (1863-1947)

I open up new markets for my customers, make their companies more innovative, improve their operational performance and increase their flexibility and resilience.

My services


As in nature, the most important goal for corporate management should be to secure the company’s long-term existence. Benefit from my impulses and my implementation support.

Increasing earnings

In fundamentally viable companies, there are often meaningful ways of increasing earnings. However, measurements to increase yield must not endanger the viability. Necessary redundancies mark the limits of increasing efficiency.

Let us find effective levers which do not hurt lifelihood.

Restructuring and turnaround

Restructuring and turnaround projects require parallel measurements to stabilize the organization and to increase the earnings in close coordination with the company’s environment and the employees’ representatives – usually under great time pressure and financial restrictions. Especially turnaround projects are demanding and energy-consuming for everyone involved. I relieve you and your team through strict, targeted project management.