Increasing profit

Management of dynamic-complex processes for a sustainable increas in earnings

„When the ancien cartographers came to the end of the world, they used to write: Beyond this point there will be dragons.“

from „Beyond Africa“ by Sydney Pollack (1985)

Sustainable yield is the result of well coordinated processes.
Impelling strategies and impulses for attractive markets, for innovations in line with the markets, tailor-made investments and clever business models that emerge from functioning processes continuously ensure profitability “from the inside out”.

Your challenge

Nature is highly efficient. It avoids any form of waste. Nature achieves this through the evolution of networked routines. Create dynamically networked processes so that they learn to become more efficient and provide a focus on customer benefit and value. Let your customers pay you for this value, for this benefit, and you yourself should also consistently pay for value and benefit, not for effort.

Growth in line with the environment is a natural process. Sustainable business success depends on what decisions are made, what is communicated and what is done, but especially how this is done: how access to new markets is achieved, how innovations are achieved, how a professional working climate is created that promotes motivation, identification and high performance. Functioning business models, good strategies and inspiring performance are the result of careful observation and prudent action with ongoing feedback, while at the same time integrating the perceptions and capabilities of the entire organization. Yield is the result of a learning process.

But nature also knows redundancy. What looks like waste at first glance ensures survival. Only in this way can the metabolism continue to function under the influence of disturbance variables; and only in this way can the seeds for something new emerge at the edges of perception, which can become an important source of life in the future. Do not cut off these potentials, cultivate them.

My offer

Increasing yield is not a purely financial issue, but a challenge that requires a holistic, finely tuned management approach that combines working on short-term, operational results with working on long-term perspectives. I have a proven track record with this. Let’s talk about the challenge of increasing your revenue.

I would be happy to support you in the cyclical re-focusing on strategically important business areas, high-yield market segments, high-margin products and customers who are ready to pay, and provide you with my expertise to align your business processes in an even better way and become both more efficient and more powerful.

I can help you hands-on to systematically grow your business, from organizing market-driven and speedy product development, to tightly managing key projects and innovations, to tapping into interesting foreign markets, and to facilitating targeted corporate acquisitions.