Applied methodologies

In addition to a high level of commitment, success requires a sound background in methodology.

„Success consists in having exactly the skills that are needed at the moment.“

Henry Ford, US-American explorer and automotive pioneer (1863-1947)

Commitment is a necessary prerequisite for success, but it cannot do without well-founded methodology. In order to become effective, however, a read-in methodological knowledge is not sufficient; rather a set of instruments that have been tried and tested in practice and refined over and over again must be created against the background of which management becomes effective.

Applied methodologies

Corporate crisis prevention by business stabilization

The more aware you are of what you eat and the more purposefully you exercise, the more efficient and robust you will keep yourself. And the more attentive you are to physical changes, the earlier illnesses can be diagnosed and the greater the chances of recovery.

Invest in the health of your business. I can help you to develop such basic skills for your company as well in order to keep the company efficient and resilient. You can expect method-based performance contributions from me. I would like to go into more detail on some of the methods that I think are important and that I find suitable for preventive purposes:

Business intervention, implementation of business improvement measurements

In order to reliably eliminate the causes of diseases, targeted interventions and often changes in lifestyle are required.

I will help you relentlessly remove the roots of the evil in your company and anchor important behavioural changes in your organization.