Dr. Boysen Management + Consulting:
Management consultant and interim manager

I help my clients in mechanical and plant engineering, the automotive supply industry, metal and plastics processing and industry-related services to master challenging change projects.

My consulting and management services for companies

The challenge

Many existentially critical problems are not based on single causes; rather, they are phenomena of multiple, often interrelated causes. We are dealing with dynamic and complex challenges that require holistic and systematic approaches, well-coordinated measures and a mindful, agile approach.

In mechanical engineering and plant construction, in the automotive supply industry, in metal or plastics processing and with industry-related service providers, such dynamic complexity is usually present.

Effective solution approach

I help my clients to find and implement sustainably effective solutions to their challenges by orienting the way I work to the principles of holistic and systemic management.

Management consultancy and interim management are often strictly separated. I combine both: methodically sound analysis and conception and implementation with responsibility within a time-agreed framework. In increasingly dynamic environments, conception and implementation have to be thought of and carried out together.

My clients benefit from my fresh, unbiased view of their company against the background of several decades of project experience in profit improvement, stabilisation, restructuring and acute crisis management.

The path to operational excellence

The greatest potential for operational improvement often lies outside the operational functions where problems become apparent. For example, the causes of production backlogs, quality problems or excessive working capital often lie in inappropriate interaction with other functions. A focus on process quality, the quality of exchange at interfaces, feedback and dynamic effects has proven successful in many mandates.

A clear strategic line as a prerequisite

However, the highest operational efficiency and effectiveness will fizzle out if the company’s activities are not guided by a strategic line that is in line with the market and incorporates the dynamics of demand and competition as well as the company’s own capabilities. Just as important for economic success as a coherent strategic concept is strategic clarity and determination in operational implementation, which must be consistently reflected in innovation management, product management and product development. The starting point for all ideas, projects and investments must be the market.

Sales orientation as the key to success

An agile, sales-oriented organisation in which all activities emanate from and are led by mindful sales can be highly efficient. Sales-oriented organisations are best integrated into their economic environment and thus resilient.

Increasing corporate value through resilience

I open up new markets for my clients, make companies more innovative, improve their operational performance and increase their agility and resilience.

This can only be done on site in a constructive, methodically supported exchange with employees and management.

Contract mode

I am available to companies as an experienced management consultant, as an implementation-strong interim manager or as an advisory board.

Business intermediation

Spin-offs and Feed-ins

Together with my team, I broker business units in the course of strategic adjustments or operational optimisations (spin-offs, feed-ins) in order to increase the value of the company.

Business succession

And I act as an intermediary for medium-sized companies in the course of entrepreneurial successions – in the interests of the companies, the workforce and the entrepreneurial family.

Financial and performance analyses, concepts, expert opinions

Needs and competition and technology analyses

I prepare methodically sound needs analyses, competitive analyses and technology analyses for shareholders, institutional investors and line management in companies.


Based on robust analyses, I create coherent implementation concepts that are suitable as pragmatic guidelines for implementation.

Remediation report

I write robust restructuring reports with binding continuation forecasts based on IDW S6, which meet the usual expectations of commercial banks and serve companies as pragmatic implementation guidelines.

Business valuation

I also prepare methodically well-founded, meaningful company valuations in accordance with IDW S1.

Management consultancy and interim management with high standards for sustainable success

Since 2001, I have been helping my clients from industry and industry-related services to overcome special challenges quickly and securely with creativity, methodology and commitment.

Depending on the task, I am available as a management consultant or as an interim manager.

About me

Dipl.-Ing. Dr. rer. pol. Werner Boysen
Dr. Boysen Management + Consulting GmbH

Ein Foto des Unternehmensberaters und Interim-Managers Dr. Werner Boysen.

Dr. Boysen is an active member of the Bundesverband freier Berater e. V. (Federal Association of Independent Consultants), which commits management consultants to appropriate quality standards.

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Dr Boysen is also an active member of Dachgesellschaft Deutsches Interim Management e. V. (DDIM).

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Dr. Boysen Management + Consulting GmbH is an institutional member of the Deutschen Gesellschaft für System Dynamics e. V. (DGSD).

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Streamlining processes and improving operational results together

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Supplement your competences with my methodological know-how, many years of project experience, creativity and an unbiased view. As a management consultant and interim manager, I support companies in the metal and plastics processing industry in optimising processes as well as operational results and crisis management. In doing so, I place a special focus on your individual problems. Let’s talk about your challenge without obligation and explore together whether a cooperation can become a success story for both sides!

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