Entrepreneurial succession

Rounding off a successful entrepreneurial life

„An entrepreneur is successful when he optimizes the value of his company for his successor.“

Werner Boysen, German management consultant (1961*)

The decision to hand over the company for reasons of age, for which you have personally campaigned for many years is difficult and has significant, not only financial implications. The better an entrepreneurial succession has to be planned, prepared and implemented.

Your challenge

Corporate succession is a complex process that requires a high degree of sensitivity in addition to professional competence and networking in the market.

With a succession plan, you are pursuing a variety of goals: You want to secure your retirement provision and the provision for your family, and you want your life’s work to be handed over to good hands and continued in your best interests. This step not only requires a successful sale, but also involves tax challenges and aspects of sensible asset planning. For entrepreneurs, the successful implementation of their succession is a highly important project.

My invitation

Please feel free to contact me to develop a common understanding of the value of your company and to comprehensively prepare a succession.

Companies are usually managed in a tax-optimized manner. There is a conflict of objectives between tax-optimized and sales-price-optimized management, which can only be partially resolved shortly before a transaction. Let’s talk about structuring options with which you can tap potential for effective purchase price optimization even in the short term. Let’s also talk about how you can make your company more attractive to prospective buyers through small but targeted actions.

How do you find suitable potential buyers without causing unrest in the market and among your staff? Put my team in charge of initiating contacts. We attract prospective buyers with an anonymous One Pager, screen them for you, and only after your written approval do we present them with a meaningful and attractive exposé in which we disclose your company. In this way, you gain targeted but discreet access to serious and solvent prospective buyers.

We will gladly accompany you with our expertise during the due diligence process and the negotiation phase up to the signing and closing of the contract.