Business brokerage

Preparation and implementation of business mediation

„Act always in such a way that further possibilities arise.“

Heinz von Foerster, Austrian physicist, cyberneticist and philosopher (1911-2002)

There are financial, strategic and operatives motives for corporate transactions. In most cases such projects are of great importance for the actors.

Together with my team, I mediate business units in the course of strategic adjustments or operational optimizations (spin-offs, feed-ins).

And I mediate medium-sized companies in the course of entrepreneurial succession.

My services

More focus on the essential by spinning business off (Spin-off)

If you would like to part with parts of the company, I will work with you to carefully remove them from the company and convey them in a targeted manner.


If you would like to add skills, market access or technologies to your business, I will find the right business units for you, guide them to you and care for the successful integration.

Entrepreneurial succession

Corporate succession is a complex process that requires a high degree of sensitivity in addition to professional competence and networking in the market.

In this video you find out about our approach to support our clients in entrepreneurial succession processes.