Advice for strategic business placement

Preparation and implementation of the placement of business operations

„Act always in such a way that further possibilities arise.“

Heinz von Foerster, Austrian physicist, cyberneticist and philosopher (1911-2002)

There are financial, strategic and operational motives for corporate transactions. In most cases, such projects are of great importance to the players.

Together with my team, I mediate business units in the course of strategic adjustments or operational optimisations (carve-outs, feed-ins). I also mediate medium-sized companies in the course of business successions.

My services in business intermediation


If you wish to part with parts of your company, I will work with you to carve them out of your company in a mindful way and place them in a targeted manner.


If you would like to add skills, market access or technologies to your business, I will find the right business units for you, guide them to you and care for the successful integration.

Entrepreneurial succession

Business succession is a complex and emotionally charged challenge in which I support my clients holistically: from the conception to the preparatory activities to the successful business placement and transition phase.

My approach to business intermediation