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Vita Dr. Werner Boysen

A short portrait of my expertise

Formal education

Dr. Werner Boysen, Jg. 1961, is Dipl. -Ing. Mechanical Engineering with specialization R&D and holds a Master of Science (M. Sc. ) in Electrical Engineering with focus on Data Communication as well as an Executive MBA and a PhD in Business Administration (Dr. rer. pol. ) with focus on Business Informatics and Information Management.

Professional career

After various positions in specialist and managerial responsibilities in the automotive and packaging industries in various European countries, Werner Boysen has been an independent management consultant and interim manager since 2001 with a focus on increasing operational earnings and stabilizing the company.

In his implementation projects, Werner Boysen combines classic management methods with proven principles of cybernetics, which he himself has prepared for companies for many years.


Werner Boysen publishes methodically sound and practical on management topics.

Industry expertise

Dr. Boysen’s industry expertise lies in particular in mechanical and plant engineering, in the automotive supply industry, in metal and plastics processing and in industry-related services.


In 2001, Werner Boysen developed www.consultingcheck.com, the first and unique virtual management consultancy for specialists and executives.

Ein Profilfoto des Unternehmensberaters Dr. Werner Boysen beim Lesen eines Buchs.
Dipl.-Ing. Dr. rer. pol. Werner Boysen