Business Restructuring and Turnaround Management

Restructuring and turnaround management require a deep intervention in the routines and creative, realistic new approaches.

„Anything that works is allowed.“

Max Frisch, Swiss author and architect (1911-1991)1892)

The principle of throwing away is not only known from consumer behaviour, but is also widespread in the management practise. When restructuring is mentioned, ideas and measurements are often limited to the liabilities side of the balance sheet. The effective levers for operational restructuring remain unused, perhaps even undetected.

Reliably identifying a coordinated bundle of suitable levers whith which companies can be restructured in a resonable time, and then actually moving these levers, requires a sharp eye, experience with system-compatible change processes, and the willingness of bringing in a high level of personal energy and leadership.

Your challenge

Organizations in need of reorganization do not generate adequate returns and are prone to failure. But these are only the visible effects of these organizations having lost the capability needed for stable and waste-free learning processes. Restructuring means regaining these capabilities and putting them to work. Restructuring means enabling the organization to rediscover what is essential and returning it to strategic entrepreneurship and operational excellence.

Restructuring is a creative process with people in their obviously difficult economic environment. To restructure is to innovate. The creative process can, in the search for a better way, end up in a difficult environment; it can also lead to a way out of a difficult environment. In either case, it is about survival. Time is a critical factor in a restructuring process: you need a secure balance between creative action and tangible results. To manage this balancing act, you need excellent communication and decisive action.

My offer

When restructuring you cannot expect these skills from your team without external impulses, hands-on facilitation and fresh leadership. Feel free to contact me to bring my expertise in restructuring and my network capabilities to your restructuring challenge.

With more than 30 years of experience in restructuring, an unbiased view of what is possible and what is essential, and with creativity, leadership and implementation skills, I can help you to eliminate the real roots of the economic corporate crisis and to restructure your company in order to quickly return it to profitability and new dynamism and to stabilize it in the long term.