About Dr. Werner Boysen

System-oriented management consultant and interim manager

„What you want to ignite in others must burn in you.“

Aurelius Augustinus, Roman bishop and church teacher (354-430 n. Chr.)

As a graduate engineer in mechanical engineering with a focus on design and development, I was used to an assembly method of working from the component to the machine – until I got to know the other perspective in complete vehicle testing in product development at the Volkswagen Group, namely studies to assess the entire vehicle from the customer’s point of view. This experience opened my eyes to the great challenge of coordinated interaction between specialist departments.

Each project has its own nature. What’s why I involve proven experts in my projects, with whose support I can deliver exactly the benefits my customers need.

We are passionate about what we do and how we do it. We work in a focussed manner and communicate openly, clearly and relevantly. When we critically question established concepts and practices, we do so in order to really find the best solutions – creatively and free of supposed ties. In our mandates, we place great value on the partnership with our clients. In this way, we not only achieve good results together, but the work is also fun for everyone involved.

Dipl.-Ing. Dr. rer. pol. Werner Boysen, Executive MBA

My relation to cybernetics

During my doctorate in business administration, in particular business information systems and information management, at WHU, I was introduced to the possibilities of cybernetics, the science of systems, by my doctoral supervisor and discovered cybernetic principles as interesting approaches towards dealing appropriately with dynamic-complex circumstances. Since then, I have developed and tested useful tools for application in business practice.

After 13 years of technical and managerial responsibility in industry, I started my own business as a management consultant and interim manager at the age of 40 in order to bring my experience to companies and to further expand my knowledge.

Companies are dynamic and complex systems whose functioning cannot be understood by classical methods alone. In order to understand companies and to manage them in a system-oriented way, a balanced mix of classical and cybernetic methods is recommended.

As a member of the umbrella organization for German Interim Management (DDIM) and a member of the German Society for System Dynamics and the Society for Economic and Social Cybernetics (GWS), I bring both worlds together.

Business references

Successful manufacturing companies, industry-related service providers, investors and commercial banks have enjoyed wirking with me for many years.

Publications on management topics

I make my findings available to interested business practitioners through publications and also bring them into the scientific discussion.