Restructuring expertises with continuation prognoses

Restructuring expertises with continuation prognoses

„A knowledge that is not reaching into the future is not knowledge.“

Hans-Peter Dürr, German physicist, honored with the Alternative Nobel Prize 1987 (1929-2014)

When a company gets into an economic crisis, the entire environment, which so far has often not been interested in the company’s wellbeing, become nervous. It is precisely in such critical situations, that a clear head, courage, vision and creativity are required.

What is important is a quick and accurate assessment of whether there are funamentally ways out of the crisis and whether one of these ways will with a high degree of probability eliminate the causes of the crisis and their effects in the long term.

I like to create action-oriented restructuring concepts with continuation concepts based on the IDW Standard 6 (IDW S6) of the Institut der Wirtschaftsprüfer (IDW), which are designed to be appropriate for commercial banks in terms of structure and terms.

Ihre Herausforderung

As an investor, you need a reliable expert statement on the future viability of economically troubled companies. You have to make an entrepreneuial decision about the future financing of troubled companies.

As a managing director of a company that has got into a difficult economic situation, you was to keep your company as possible. In order to avoid bankruptcy, you must also convince the economic environment of the company that there is a high probability that you can lead the company out of the current crisis.

My offer

I offer you my expertise in the quick and accurate assessment of companies in crisis situations.

Expect that I will relentlessly expose the real causes of the crisis. Whitewashing and cover-ups make no sense; they would only lead to ineffective sham solutions which at best buy some time. The company would face the same problem again very soon.

Together with the executives in the company, I derive a package of measurements that is suited for eliminating the causes of the crisis. To this end, we will examine both strategic and operational levers. Above all we will work out measures that affect liquidity in the short term and clearly separate them from restructuring measures that are effective in the medium to long-term run.

I also include the company’s economic environment quickly and in a binding manner in all measures. Restructuring is often only successful if all parties involved make a significant contribution to the restructuring. I let the realistically feasible measures coordinated with the business environment, flow into an integrated financial plan, consisting of a plan profit and loss account, a resulting plan balance sheet and, above all, a liquidity plan on a weekly basis, from which the restructuring ability of the company results.

The result is an action-oriented restructuring concept with a precise action plan. You will also receive a binding prognosis for the “going concern”, naturally linked to the consistant implementation of the restructuring measures defined in the concept. The restructuring concept and the continuation prognosis derived from it, based on the IDW Standard 6 (IDW S6) not only help you and the corporate environment to decide on the restructuring, but, in a positive case, also support you with a roadmap for the upcoming restructuring project.

A positive continuation prognosis gives you the security that you will not be held liable for delayed bankruptcy filing.

Case Studies zu diesem Thema

Case Studies

Sanierungsgutachten nach IDW S6 für Maschinenbaukonzern

Zur Liquiditätsbeschaffung erstellte bc für einen Maschinenbaukonzern auf Drängen der Hausbank ein Sanierungsgutachten nach IDW S6. Auf der Grundlage des Gutachtens wurde das Unternehmen finanziert.